Wednesday, June 03, 2009

5 Years in Singapore

Today marks the date five years ago when I touched down in Singapore and began my life overseas in Asia. As I scrolled back over all the posts from my blog over that time period, I came across the one-year entry and again the two-year entry commemorating these milestones in groupings of 365 days. Time has certainly marched on and I cannot believe that five years have elapsed. It got me wondering what has transpired.

Within that five year span:

A high school senior has now graduated from college
A US President completed a term in office & a new one has been elected
The S&P 500 Stock Market Index declided 12%
Ronald Reagan & Gerald Ford passed away
2 Olympics have been held
The Oregon State Beavers Baseball Team won 2 back-to-back College World Series
Iraq held free elections twice
Social networking has reconnected millions & squandered hours of productivty
Friends have got married, had kids, changed jobs, received degrees, & been promoted
I have had 4 different jobs, 6 different bosses, and visited 13 different Asian countries... one of which (Singapore) has offered me citizenship

Change is constant and it happens with or without us and with no regard as to what continent or time zone we find ourselves. When it's all been summed up, the changes and the experiences in these past five years have been phenominal. Amazing places, people, flavors, aromas, sites, sounds, cultures, and laughter. Hopefully it didn't take the entire five years to learn that... We are all more alike then the perceived differences that are often used to define us.

Happy Anniversary from your Global Vagabond