Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spring Fever

After four years living in a tropical country, where seasons ebb from either 1) Hot or 2) Hot with rain, I found myself craving the rebirth and renewal that comes with the Spring time. The fields of my parents' home in Oregon presented the perfect environment to indulge my senses and sensibilities in this craving. My parents now live on the farm that has been in my family for over 100 years. Growing up, this was the home of my grandparents where I spent numerous summers and times of great joy. It is a different place now that they are both gone, yet the land remains, and with it so lives on the fond memories that were made there.

My parents and I decided to have a picnic while I was back home. The scenic drive along the way revealed snow-capped Mount Hood and wildflowers in full bloom. Being outside was a blessing, as the air was warm and dry, without the ever-present humidity that I have become accustomed to back in Singapore. Mom had stocked the picnic basket with fried chicken, baked beans, chips, fruit and vegetables, and cold drinks. We set up our feast on the banks of the reservoir and watched holiday boaters troll around. The drive home had me sporting the sunroof wide open, as I had forgot about the longer days during this time of year. The sun stays out past 9:00 and provides for ample time to bask in its rays.

Because of the longer hours of day light, I still had time to take a stroll once arriving back home from the picnic. I set out on foot to take in the rapture of the colorful yellow fields of mustard that were in full swing. I stumbled across three horses that were in the midst of playing around in a nearby pond. At first they didn't see me and continued to horse around in the water, but soon the gig was up and I was spotted. The horses seemed to take on a new demeanor as if to say... please don't tell anyone about our games. Their secret was safe with me, as they had provided another great memory of a warm and rewarding day in the sun back on the farm that was far away from Singapore yet closer to home than I had seemingly been in ages.