Saturday, May 01, 2010

One Great Guy

Having lived in Singapore for almost six years now, I've come to accept that this place can at times be a revolving door for tourists, co-workers, Expats, and at times even close friends. Good friends, no matter where you live, are often times hard to come by and because they can be rare they are also cherished. It never gets easier to see good friends move away but it generally means there is one heck of a good Farewell Party to be thrown before that final departure. Last night we celebrated one of these rare and precious friendships for a person that has made my days in Singapore memorable, rich, and filled with fun at every turn.

I first met my friend Guy here in Singapore where we were respective business partners from two of Silicon Valley's most well known companies. He was a California Kid from the onset, full of enthusiasm and energy, and like me he had just moved to Singapore. We soon transitioned that formal business relationship into something that wasn't so buttoned down as Guy welcomed and introduced me into a network of like-minded people who shared our professional background but also that zest and interest in all things unique, special, and fun. It was thanks to Guy, and this network of free thinkers and spirits, that helped me get my social feet under me initially in Singapore. Last night this cast once again gathered to send one of it's own, it's energy source and guiding light, back home to San Francisco where exciting new challenges and opportunities await.

If you're ever out with Guy, you know that you better bring some great tunes along because music is the metronome from where he draws his seemingly unlimited energy. Whether it is re-creating Burning Man on the beaches of Bintan or ringing in his recent 40th birthday in Bali, pumping beats and hypnotic melodies are a steady constant. His Farewell Party was no different. Guy's good friend, and musical soul mate Doug, is an accomplished DJ who just happens to moonlight during daylight hours as an executive to one of the world's fastest growing software companies. Doug put together some great beats at the party and had people moving to the wee hours.

Saying goodbye to a friend is tough, especially one that I so closely relate to my many fun days here in Singapore. But leave it to Guy to make even his own departure something to look forward to with anticipation. You see, today's world is a much smaller place and we all left the party knowing that this would not be the last time we would see each other. The meant-to-be twist to Guy's leaving is that he is headed back to the Bay Area to start a new career with Facebook, where he will surely tap into his passion for creating life-impacting social events and networks into tools that we all will use someday soon. I'm going to miss him but I am thankful for our friendship and the incredible times we've shared. I look forward to keeping in touch and seeing how one person's boundless passions for connecting good people to good times will impact us all. Go Get 'Em Guy!


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