Sunday, September 30, 2007

Return of the Burn

Burning Man, the infamous and quasi paganistic celebration held in the Nevada desert each year, was first wonderfully re-created on the sandy beaches of Bintan, Indonesia, by a group of us Singaporean transplants back in 2005. Our burning man back then, although small in stature, rekindled the fun energy of the real event back in the US. It also helped solidify friendships for a group of fun-loving people that still exists to this day.

After missing the event in 2006, remnants of the group that first kicked off Bintan Burning Man in '05 decided it was high time to build "the man" one more time and set him ablaze under the canopy of stars and isolated beach that has now become our backdrop for this festive get-together. We welcomed new participants this year and raised our glasses to those of us who had traveled on. Burning Man is a cycle, just like life, and in a way that is what we are celebrating... the continuation of this cycle, but also pausing to recognize the significance of those things and those people around us who make it special.