Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Shipping Snafu

I’m currently in the midst of my second full night in my apartment. I am surrounded by items shipped from home, yet none of it has been properly put away or stored. Little piles of personal belongings have been stacked into different locations around my unit by the shipping delivery men. My new home is less of a home at this point and more of a holding pen of crud.

Now only I am allowed to refer to my personal belongings as crud. I expect others, namely those employed in the shipping business, to have a higher degree of respect for my things. Well after experiencing this move, I now know that my movers thought crud was on a higher plane of priority because my items were treated like crap.

“Sir, I’ve called to inform you that there has been some damage to some of the items in your shipment.”

That is probably not the best opening salutation that a newly transplanted Expat wants to hear upon arrival, yet that was exactly what happened to me. My mind raced through the virtual inventory list I had stored deep in my cortex of the 101 things I had packed to join me in Singapore. I was positive that my glass table top had bit the dust, as it was the most vulnerable. My assumption proved to be false as the voice at the other end of the phone began to list the items.

My wood-framed futon had one complete leg that was broken off and was damaged beyond repair. In addition, the steel metal frame that supports my bed was bent in half and was rendered useless. Good Lord! Was my cargo shipment in the same container as the Tasmanian Devil?
How in the world do things made from steel get bent in half? Were their rabid termites on board this container that sawed through a 4-inch thick piece of solid wood which brought a fatal end to my futon? These are the mysteries of the shipping world that I doubt even investigative reporter John Stossel from ABC’s 20/20 could get to the bottom of.

I’ve been instructed to buy a new futon here in Singapore and submit the receipt for insurance reimbursement. Apparently the shipping company will be purchasing a replacement bed frame in the States and shipping it over to me. I hope they know of a good shipping company who can ensure that their items don’t get damaged in transit…Oh wait, they ARE the shipping company. Silly Me!


At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your articles are interesting, but sorry that you have been having such bad luck. Things do have to get better.

At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fos - You're killing me here. Rabid termites? Too funny. It is quite strange that a wooden frame would be destroyed in tranist. Guess it wasn't Brown. At least the "venerable" shipping company suggested that you pick up a new one w/o hassle. (StaceyG)


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