Thursday, June 03, 2004

My New Asian Home

7 weeks of preparation: fixing up my home (5MB-2 minute download with broadband connection) back in the States to rent, packing, stressing, saying my farewells, and all together worrying has lead me now to my early morning arrival to Singapore. This city-nation will be my new home for the next 2 years as I embark on what surely will be new opportunities and the chance to develop new skills by living and working in Asia.

I met my best friend Jared at LAX after arriving from the short 2 hour hop from Portland. Yes, 2 hours has now become a short hop after experiencing trans-pacific travel. My direct flight from LAX to Singapore only ended up taking 16 hours and 30 minutes to complete. Jared and I met at the City Grill at the International Terminal. He was waiting for me at the bar already deep into his first bottle of beer. We had met like this the last time I rolled through L.A., so it seemed fitting that my best friend would send me off in style in a similar fashion.

Jared's references of time were definitely impacted by his environment as well. He greeted me when I approached the bar and told me that he had arrived earlier than expected because the 405 freeway was flowing nicely that day. It only took him 50 minutes to get there! Man, there was definitely a good reason I left L.A. after grad school and I still can't believe Jared is there living the L.A. lifestyle and thriving in it. Working his sales job by day and jamming with local musicians as a drummer-for-hire by night, he amazes me with his ability to balance his passions.

Jared and I talked about baseball, jobs, girls, and opportunities for the future. It was good to see him take such a powerful stance on all of the above. He is planning on coming out to visit me in Singapore, just as he did when I was based in Munich last year. True I won't have the B-mer anymore and we won't be driving on the autobahn with our hair on fire, but I am sure the Singaporean cuisine and local attractions, not to mention the climate, will suffice to provide enough heat for everyone.

The flight to Singapore went incredibly well. Singapore Airlines has "endurance flying" down to an art form. Economy class that can rival any other airline's business class, fantastic service, and in-seat entertainment that makes you wonder why on earth you packed 3 books, because I was so entertained, I never even cracked a page. By the end of the flight, I had watched 3 on-demand movies, ate prawns and salmon, slept a countless number of hours, and had been sufficiently hosed down with enough glasses of orange juice to keep me hydrated.

Singapore Airlines is so efficient, we actually arrived into Singapore about 45 minutes early. I was so early into the Hilton Hotel (5:45) that they didn't even have a room for me. I did manage to find the Wi-Fi in the lobby so I could synch my email, and of course write my inaugural Singaporean blog entry.

So here I am folks. Half a world away from home, with nothing in front of me but new challenges, opportunities, and faces. I hope to keep all of you updated on my travels and experiences here in Asia over the next few years. Stop by again and see what's cooking!


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