Friday, December 05, 2003

It Always Happens Sooner Than You Think

My last day in the Munich Office is upon me. After nearly 4 months in Europe, my plane leaves tomorrow at 11:00AM to take me back home. I've been asked several times whether I am excited to return home. I guess the answer would have been different if I had allowed my time in Europe to become routine and mundane, but that never happened. I leave with a tinge of sadness as there will always be places left to explore and great stories to be created with friends and new acquaintances.

As you can see from my postings on this site, I have not been lacking in new places to explore. Unfortunately what many of you who are reading this site cannot see are the friendships that I have made here. As I wrote a quick farewell email today to my Munich Crew, a group of 5 people who have made my experience even more impactful through their friendship, I noted the following observation: Each one of them had no choice in being my co-workers, but each of us made a distinct decision to become good friends. I was the fortunate benefactor of these decisions.

It will be odd leaving this place tomorrow morning. It has become a part of me now, or maybe I have become a part of it. I will forever remain that Damn Yankee (affectionate term), but I have grown and learned a tremendous amount about other people, cultures, and the history that makes them all unique.

I will miss this place.