Wednesday, June 28, 2006

College Baseball Champions

People All Across the Nation are now Beaver Believers

My college Alma Mater, Oregon State University, fought their guts out in the College Baseball World Series and came away with the most coveted prize. Coming from the brink of elimination a record six occasions, the Oregon State Beavers refused to die, refused to give up, refused to let their dream fade away.

I listened to the games via Internet radio and even though I was 15 time zones away; every drop of my support was with these guys. Here in Singapore, I have met three other friends who are Alumni of Oregon State (we might be the only three), so it was fantastic to keep each other updated on the team's run for glory. It brought great pride to our former school and it brought great pride to my home state of Oregon, as seemingly the entire state's population was willing, praying, and cheering the team onto victory.

They arrived back home to Oregon today to a hero's welcome, and rightfully so. These young men captured our imagination, proved that underdogs can still confound the critics, and most importantly taught all of us to never ever give up on our dreams. They seized their moment. What will you do with yours?

Check out this link to read more about these Proud Beavers.


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